Due to how this is a wiki about a school, we suggest that you read the rules first. The Rules help keep us safe online. Failure to follow rules will have consequences.

Basic RulesEdit

  • All rules stated in school  will be enforced here. This is to help keep the wiki friendly for students. 
  • You must register to make edits to the wiki. Vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure you read the rest of the rules first.

Communication RulesEdit

  • Please be nice to each other. Remember, this is a friendly wiki.
  • If a user is rude to another user, admins will ban said user.
  • If a user continues to be a problem, they will be reported for Cyberbullying. Admins will report these users to the front office. i.e: " (user1) is so dumb. They can't do anything. I, (user2) am better than (user1)".

Editing RulesEdit

  • Please do not vandalize pages. Doing so will result in a ban.
  • Do not be biased when writing articles
  1.  Bad Example: " (teacher) is the best math teacher!"
  2.  Good Example: "(teacher) currently teaches math at Britton Middle School".
  • Refrain from using second-person nouns like "I", "You", and "We".

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